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Protecting essential Houston-area schools, neighborhoods, and critical infrastructure is at the heart of what the S&S Investigations & Security team does. We help our clients with innovative solutions like commercial security cameras, patrol services, live video monitoring, and more so that we can all work together to protect our fellow Texans.

If you’ve been considering a security upgrade, then it’s time to connect with a professional team of experts. Safety and protection are our specialties! Keep reading below to discover how we work with business owners, facility managers, and campus administrators to provide our community with the ultimate peace of mind with advanced technology protections.

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Campus Security Cameras

Protecting community schools is imperative in this day and age, and having commercial-grade security cameras installed ensures campus administrators have an eye on the campus at all times. Motion-sensor technology, occupancy sensors, and AI-enabled technology are all features that your cameras should include for the best proactive measure, detecting issues before they become emergencies or crimes. 

Theft and vandalism are common issues on K-12 campuses, and these cameras can recognize repeat offenders, loitering groups of students, and fast vs. slow movement across the property or in hard-to-see regions. Monitor activity on an online dashboard, receive alerts via smartphone notification or email, and contact law enforcement if necessary, all thanks to advanced security cameras.

Neighborhood Protections

Gated communities and multi-family living properties are heavily populated, with tens, hundreds, or thousands of people in a relatively small footprint. Commercial surveillance camera systems ensure property-wide insight into what’s happening, whether it’s controlling vehicular access with automated gates and license plate recognition technology or pole-mounted camera setups in new home construction areas

Our security team offers more than camera system design and installation. Consider adding patrol services around community facilities like the pool or clubhouse or hire a licensed security guard during large community events. Keeping the Houston community safe is of utmost concern, no matter the occasion.

Critical Infrastructure Surveillance

Cell Phone towers, utility buildings, and other critical infrastructure properties need around-the-clock protection. With security cameras expertly installed across the interior and exterior of a facility, site supervisors can remotely view surveillance footage, even notifying local police departments if an incident arises. The remote dashboard allows you to zoom in, save, and send footage as needed. The property manager or facility’s response team immediately receives perimeter breach notifications and security alerts to ensure little to no downtime for these essential structures.

If you’ve been looking for a security partner that can design a security camera system that keeps your commercial property safe, then it’s time to connect with the S&S Investigations & Security team here. We can’t wait to work with you.

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