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S&S Investigations and Security Inc. is owned and managed by Sherman and Sheila Moore. Founded on the patio of Sheila and Sherman's home in La Porte, Texas, the small business quickly outgrew their home and moved into a small rental office in the Brady Insurance building. The owner of Brady Insurance, David Brady, offered the fledgling business more than just an office: he also provided sound advice and encouraged Sherman and Sheila to get involved in their local community.

S&S quickly outgrew their one-room office, and in 2000 they moved into their building on Main St in La Porte. Charlie Boyle, the owner of the new office, was a great help to S&S as the company continued to expand.

One January afternoon on Sheila and Sherman's patio, S&S Investigations S&S Security Inc went from idea to reality. Soon after, we signed our first customer: the La Porte Travel Plaza.

S&S moved into its first official office at Brady insurance.

S&S outgrew its first home and moved to a bigger space at 601 W Main St.

S&S bought and renovated our first office at 820 W Main St.

S&S opened a new office in Port Arthur.

S&S bought a new office in Groves, which is still S&S home base today.

S&S expanded our services, adding the Camera and Alarm Division.

S&S became a little bit greener with the addition of solar power camera trailers to our list of services.

S&S began our 21st year by re-signing the newly renovated La Porte Travel Plaza.

Mission Statement

S&S Investigations and Security Inc. provides private security to both public and private entities throughout Texas and Louisiana. We seek to deliver consistent, reliable, and value-driven services to our clients and foster an environment that allows our employees to develop and prosper as professionals.

In 2002, Frank Angel made the Moore's an offer they couldn't refuse:

The purchase of a historic building (occupying a full city block) on Main Street. Sherman received assistance from San Pillion of Laredo National Bank, and a complete overhaul of the property began. After six months, S&S moved to its current location at 820 W Main St.

Here, the company maintains a 1,700-square-foot office with formal security guard training facilities.

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In February of 2011, S&S Investigations & Security Inc. expanded once again

and opened an additional office near the Golden Triangle area of Beaumont, Texas.

From dedicated on-site security guards to video surveillance systems, S&S Investigations & Security Inc. has been providing top-notch security service for Texas businesses for over two decades. Contact us today to learn how we can keep you protected!

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Key Players

Heather B. in Groves and Rose C. in La Porte are our office managers at S&S Investigations and Security

Their attention to detail is what keeps everything running smoothly for our team and our customers. Heather and Rose strive to meet the needs of our clients and employees and help provide an enjoyable and successful work environment for all.
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