Construction Site Security



Construction Sites

A professionally installed security camera system provides many benefits for your industrial site, including:

Our 24-hour security service is specifically designed to protect your site from theft, vandalism, loitering, graffiti, trespassing, and other unwanted activity. Our customized security plan is packaged specifically to your needs. These services include on-site officers, periodic patrol checks, camera pole units, solar-powered camera trailers, and remote video monitoring.

Prevent delayed deadlines, stolen materials/equipment, and damaged property or other assets before it happens.

Monitor your site with our on-site security officers who approve and direct all vehicles and visitors to and from the area. Our officers secure your job site during non-operating hours as well to watch over construction equipment, trailers, and their assets.

Benefits of On-site Security Officers

  • Reduce costs associated with theft and damage
  • Prevent liability suits
  • Assist and alleviate your staff from routine security checks
  • Monitor all aspects of construction sites using office security systems, patrol, and perimeter checks, gate access control for visitors and vehicles, visitor escorts, and activity reports. * Daily activity reports include truck logs, material watch logs, equipment movement logs, etc.

Our officers arrive in security uniforms designed for construction job sites: a construction vest over our standard company uniform with company badges as well as a hard hat when required. Our officers are supervised through mandatory management visits each shift and tracked through an optional GPS tracking system. Call us and let our professional security team help construct a security program to safeguard your project.

Benefits of On-site Security Officers

  • Site and Office Security Patrol
  • Jobsite or Gate Access Control For Visitors and Vehicles
  • Visitor and VIP Escorts
  • Foot Patrols
  • Vehicle Patrols
  • Standing Security Officers
  • Equipment Movement and Watch Logs
  • Access/Egress Logs
  • Daily Activity Logs
  • Incident Reports
  • 24-hour Guard Services
  • 24-hour Emergency Response
  • Remote Video Monitoring

Video Analytics

Our video monitoring and video analytics services can be provided for motion detection, facial recognition, license plate reading, and more. Contact our video surveillance experts today to get personalized recommendations for your needs! Video analytics software comes with a wide range of features, making them easy to fit into any surveillance system. Choose from software that supports every system, from the smallest systems to large multi-campus systems.

Video Monitoring Services Include

  • Remote Video Monitoring 24HRS or Pre-determined hours.
  • Workplace Compliance Audits
  • Virtual Security Patrols
  • Remote Video Guard Escort
  • And More