Manufacturing & Industrial Facilities

Manufacturing and industrial properties are often extremely vulnerable to losses as they house valuable tools, equipment, and materials on-site. This puts workers, employers, equipment, property, and materials at risk of vandalism or theft when personnel is offsite. Temporary perimeters such as fences and gates will deter some but not all from accessing whatever valuables are left out.



On-site armed or unarmed security officers

Perimeter and entry /exit Security

Manufacturing facilities require security offices that will appropriately represent the client and can be knowledgeable while maintaining a professional demeanour. The presence of a professional security officer at your facility makes employees, customers, and other guests feel safe. Security officers stationed at your facility can have many duties, these are some that our officers are trained to carry out:

  • Monitor onsite camera's to provide instant response to incidents
  • Provide exit inspections to reduce employee theft
  • Maintain logs, issue badges and/or provide escorts to visitors
  • Observe, report and respond to incidents throughout the facility as required in accordance with your requirements

The officers that are assigned to manufacturing and industrial posts are specifically screened for their professional demeanour and trained in safety as well as security.

Video Monitoring Services

Industrial sites like factories, energy (oil and gas) production, mining, and warehouses can benefit greatly from the security provided by video surveillance. Increased terrorism threats and theft of raw materials have made the manufacturing, storing and shipping of important goods riskier and more expensive in recent years.

Our team of security professionals to equipped with unparalleled experience and expertise with highly trained security backgrounds to help lead your industrial site in the right direction to protection. We will provide an in-depth project assessment and work with any budget limitations or requirements to ensure your security needs are met.

Our services:

Span Configuration

Virtual Integration

Site Evaluations

And More

A professionally installed security camera system provides many benefits for your industrial site, including:

  • Reducing theft
  • Protecting employees
  • Building security
  • Remote monitoring of facility from smartphone or tablet
  • Detering trespassers from attempting to gain access to a facility


We understand the unique security challenges that manufacturing plants and factories face, such as theft and tampering of equipment, machinery, and cargo. Our systems are designed to combat these threats and serve as an effective operations monitoring tool.

Our team of security integrators provides project consulting, installation support, and custom-designed surveillance solutions to suit the needs of manufacturers, large and small.

The benefits of modern-day surveillance for manufacturers include:

  • Preventing & reducing theft
  • Monitoring employees
  • Viewing & Evaluating day-to-day operations
  • Reducing false liability claims
  • Protecting buildings and assets
  • Saving time with remote site management