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4 Reasons You Need Live Commercial Security Monitoring & More!

If you’ve been looking for a way to ease the stresses of running your business in the Houston, TX, area, then it’s time to enlist the service of the S&S Investigations & Security experts. From on-site patrol services to live commercial security monitoring, you can delegate the heavy load of protecting your investments, staff members, and patrons to a professional team like ours.Keep reading to discover four ways our security solutions and services can dramatically transform your daily operations.

Construction Site Security Concerns That Need Addressing

When you’ve got a construction project underway in the Baytown, TX, area, it’s essential to keep the site secured at all times. Security concerns of any construction project, regardless of its size, include equipment and tool theft, trespassing, employee theft, and incident prevention, to name a few. So, ask yourself, what does your construction site security currently look like, and is it enough to reduce liability and prevent the ultimate loss— loss of life? If you’re unsure, then it’s time to reconsider the security and surveillance measures you currently have in place. Keep reading below to understand how you can improve operations on your site.

Top 3 Signs You Need a Professional Security Company

No matter what your line of business is, top-level security solutions are one thing all commercial spaces need. While many business owners rely on limited solutions to minimize their costs, investing in enterprise-grade security installations done by a licensed security company is vital to enjoying the maximum level of safety and protection. Are you considering reaching out to a professional team? Keep reading this blog to discover a few telltale signs you should call the experts at S&S Investigations and Security to boost your security system in Pasadena, TX.

3 Ways Business Security Cameras Give You Peace of Mind

Keeping your employees safe and secure doesn’t have to be a stressful task. Business security cameras give you eyes on every last corner of your Houston, TX company premises, letting you take absolute control of your building’s safety. Make managing your company security a breeze and accessible for your whole team with a professional surveillance system. Want to find out how our innovative cameras can help ensure your property’s security and protection? Keep reading below to learn more about their top three benefits.

Does Your Business Camera System Leave Too Much to Chance?

Even the most advanced surveillance camera options on the market can leave your Baytown-area business property vulnerable if they’re not part of an expertly designed and installed business camera system. The S&S Investigations & Security team takes the protection of your Texas business seriously, and so should you. Read our blog below to find out what it takes to add peace of mind and protection to your daily business operations.

Security Companies Have Your Back 24/7/365

There’s no feasible way to have an eye and ear on your business at all times without help. That’s why security companies are an essential addition to every Texas business, and it’s our specialty at S&S Investigations & Security.If you’ve been exploring security companies available in the Pasadena, TX, area, then keep reading below! We’ll cover four ways our tenured security team looks out for your best interests with innovative and customizable security and surveillance solutions.

Does Your Business Have Outdoor Security Cameras?

With all of the valuable work you do inside the walls of your Texas business, you may be overlooking an essential component of protecting your property, employees, and patrons. By adding outdoor business security cameras, you can add peace of mind to your company’s operations, no matter your industry.Read along to discover four outdoor areas of your Houston-area property where you can add commercial security cameras. Better protection is right around the corner when you partner with S&S Investigations & Security—find out more below.

Protect Your Houston-Based Site with Security Camera Trailers

It may be time to consider a security camera trailer if you need surveillance but don’t have a long-term standalone commercial building like a typical business. This quickly deployable, customizable mobile solution is equipped with the latest analytical software that provides invaluable features such as license plate recognition and facial detection. Plus, it’s fit for long-term field use and temporary situations alike. Keep reading our blog below to discover the benefits of security camera trailers and explore why this may be perfect for your property protection needs in the Houston, TX, region.

3 Qualities to Look for in the Top Security Guard Companies

Are you concerned about your business’s security? Do you want someone on the premises at all times who’s ready to handle any threats? Whether you represent a business, school, neighborhood, or any other organization, you can use a security guard company to provide on-site surveillance whenever you need. You won’t have to go through the process of vetting and hiring an officer on your own; a security guard company ensures there’s always someone there to protect your business. But how can you know if you’re working with one of the top security guard companies? You wouldn’t want to accidentally hire a firm that provides subpar security services. As a security guard company with 30 years of experience in the Pasadena, TX, area, we are constantly evolving with the latest security technologies and have seen what works and doesn’t. Here’s how you can know you’re working with the best security guard firm.