3 Qualities to Look for in the Top Security Guard Companies

Protect Your Pasadena, Texas, Business with Security Service Tailored to Your Needs 

Are you concerned about your business’s security? Do you want someone on the premises at all times who’s ready to handle any threats? 

Whether you represent a business, school, neighborhood, or any other organization, you can use a security guard company to provide on-site surveillance whenever you need. You won’t have to go through the process of vetting and hiring an officer on your own; a security guard company ensures there’s always someone there to protect your business. 

But how can you know if you’re working with one of the top security guard companies? You wouldn’t want to accidentally hire a firm that provides subpar security services. 

As a security guard company with 30 years of experience in the Pasadena, TX, area, we are constantly evolving with the latest security technologies and have seen what works and doesn’t. Here’s how you can know you’re working with the best security guard firm. 

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1. The Guards Are Licensed, Screened & Trained 

Can you trust the guards your security firm hires? These people will be on your property late at night or when no one else is there. Are they professional and equipped to do the job well? Will they be paying attention and competently handling situations? 

Make sure the firm you work with hires security professionals that are screened and properly trained. The security guards should be comfortable using the latest surveillance technology and be confident in de-escalating threats. The firm’s security guards should also be insured, so your business doesn’t have to worry about legal issues. 

2. They Offer Customized Security Guard Services 

Some organizations want their security guards on-site 24/7, while some only need their help at night. Some businesses want their security guards to be armed, while others would prefer they be unarmed.

Work with a security guard company that can tailor their service to your business’s needs. Security should not be a one-size-fits-all solution. Do you also need patrol car services or security system monitoring? Choose an agency that can do what you need to feel safe and protected. 

3. They Provide Security Technology Solutions 

Unless you hire an entire fleet, security guards can’t be everywhere all at once. Large businesses like universities, hospitals, housing developments, warehouses, and office buildings can benefit from combining surveillance technology with on-site security guards. 

If alarms are tripped, or motion is detected somewhere it shouldn’t be, security guards will receive notifications from the system and can evaluate the situation. Guards can monitor surveillance footage and walk over to a location and see for themself if they see something suspicious. Before hiring a security guard company, check to see if they also install the latest surveillance technologies like access control, cameras, alarms, and mobile alerts. 

Work with a Local Security Guard Firm 

If you’re looking for a security guard company that provides cutting-edge technology solutions and reliable officers, S&S Investigations and Security is your destination. We provide tailored service to local businesses in the Pasadena, TX, area. Our security guards are always screened and properly trained, and we design and install smart surveillance systems that cover your entire property.

To learn more about our services and discuss your business’s needs, contact our team here. We look forward to working with you!

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