Multi-Family Living



Multi-Family Living

Residential buildings and gated communities have unique security challenges that can only be met by crafting the right kind of program.

Your security program should create a secure environment for your residents while at the same time reflect the quality of services that you provide at your property. Major threats faced by multi-family living communities can include medical emergencies, theft, fire, burglary, vandalism, accidents in the parking lot and others. A good security program, crafted and run by the professionals at S&S Investigations & Security can help prevent many of these from happening on your property. Call today for a free site survey of your property.

Why you need an alarm system!

One of the best ways to realize all the benefits of an alarm system is to combine home security cameras with a robust alarm system. When an alarm sounds, a thief will quickly disperse from the scene as our security team steps into action to prevent theft, vandalism, or danger on the spot.

Danger and wrongdoing can quickly be prevented by capturing footage immediately and stopping crime at the start. S&S Investigations & Security Inc. is your solution to protecting your home and other assets in the Houston, LaPorte, or Beaumont areas.