Construction Site Security Concerns That Need Addressing

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When you’ve got a construction project underway in the Baytown, TX, area, it’s essential to keep the site secured at all times. Security concerns of any construction project, regardless of its size, include equipment and tool theft, trespassing, employee theft, and incident prevention, to name a few. 

So, ask yourself, what does your construction site security currently look like, and is it enough to reduce liability and prevent the ultimate loss— loss of life? If you’re unsure, then it’s time to reconsider the security and surveillance measures you currently have in place. Keep reading below to understand how you can improve operations on your site.

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Are You Protecting Your Employees?

Before we even address security cameras, alarms, and patrol officers, are your construction crews wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) and following all state and federal worker safety guidelines? Reflective vests, hard hats, safety glasses, and tying into harnesses properly are all basic safety considerations for construction sites that protect your employees far more than technology ever can.

To take your employees’ safety to new heights, though, consider your site’s lighting, dedicated access points, and adding security cameras. By incorporating surveillance cameras, supervisors and site managers can remotely view video footage, monitor safety adherence, and visually confirm site visitors’ identities for access. Add speakers to these camera installation locations, and you can speak to workers if you see issues or sound an alarm if an immediate work stoppage is necessary.

Are You Protecting Your Materials?

Building materials, tools, and heavy equipment are valuable and a magnet for theft from opportunists and even, unfortunately, your own crew members. A combination of uniformed guards, mobile patrols, surveillance cameras, and live video monitoring services all work together to create a blanket of security for your construction site. 

Pair these solutions with common sense protection measures like locking up tools and machinery keys in a safe spot, disabling equipment batteries, and coordinating materials and equipment deliveries intelligently so items don’t have to sit on your site for too long before installation.

Do You Have Trained Security Guards?

In Texas, security guards must go through extensive state-mandated training courses, with armed guards requiring additional certifications. S&S Investigations & Security also run thorough background checks on guards, and we require them to verify their presence while on duty with our 24-hour dispatch center. We trust our guards and know you can, too.

If you’re ready to improve your construction site security with advanced measures from a professional team of experts, then it’s time to connect with our team here. We can’t wait to help you bring innovative solutions to your commercial job site!

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