What Makes Us Houston’s Top Commercial Security Company?

The S&S Approach to Commercial Security 

If your Houston business needs a new security system or security guards on site, you might not be sure where to look. Search ‘security company’ over Houston on Google Maps, and dozens of results will appear across the city streets.  

But you don’t want to hire just any security company. You need a partner who can cover all your surveillance and safety needs with professionalism and expertise. Here’s what makes S&S Investigations and Security the top commercial security company in Houston, TX, and beyond. 

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We’re An All-In-One Security Provider 

You don’t need to hire one contractor to install your alarms and cameras, then hire another company for security guards. We cover all aspects of commercial security, eliminating the hassle and miscommunication of working with too many contractors.

Our Security Guards Are Licensed & Professional 

You can trust our company’s security guards to be professional, knowledgeable, and qualified to protect your business. Our security guards are licensed by the Department of Public Safety, which means they’ve undergone extensive training to skillfully handle threats and emergencies. 

If on-site security guards are out of your budget, S&S also offers patrol services to maintain a security presence on your property. 

We Offer Remote Video Monitoring 

Video surveillance is only helpful if there’s someone ready to respond to threats caught on camera. With our remote video monitoring services, there’s always someone available. Our agents remotely view any unusual activity detected on your cameras and then notify authorities in the event of a crime or emergency. Crime won’t slip through the cracks—we’re ready to take action whenever your staff is unavailable. 

We Provide Custom Security Solutions 

Whatever your business needs, we can design and install a security system or create a patrol plan that works for your unique space, budget, and priorities. Contact S&S Investigations and Security to discuss our services and boost your security today! 

TX DPS PSB - C-08804 LA Lic - 897 

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