Here’s How to Find the Best Security Company

Your Business Deserves the Best in Commercial Site Protection

Choosing the best security company suited for your business’s needs is a vital decision, no matter which industry you’re a part of in Texas! Even if you’ve been searching online or asking your colleagues for referrals, the selection process for finding the best fit for your Houston-area property may feel overwhelming. 

Here are a few tips we suggest you follow when deciding upon a security and surveillance systems partner - keep reading below. 

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1. Identify Your Security Needs & Wants

Before selecting a security provider, it's essential to identify the specific needs of your business. What works for one establishment may not work for another, and some owners may not be looking for particular types of security while others demand it.

For example, some construction sites need around-the-clock surveillance, while others may only want drive-by patrol services once the crews go home. One shopping center may need extensive parking lot visibility, while another shop may only want visibility into facility entries and exits. Our team will conduct a sitewide security assessment, highlighting weak spots in your current protection measures. We'll also suggest the ideal technology solutions for your unique needs and wants, such as security camera trailers or live video monitoring. 

2. Research Potential Providers

After identifying your specific security needs, it’s time to research potential security providers. Find a security company familiar with your locale’s crime issues, and check websites, customer reviews, and ratings for additional insight. The best security companies should have a responsive customer support team that addresses your concerns and provides prompt assistance. Also, ask for a reasonable, transparent pricing model with no hidden fees or confusing charges.

3. Extensive Local Experience

Look for a provider with extensive experience in your industry, and make sure the team is comprised of qualified, well-trained professionals. While nationwide providers claim to be the best, nothing beats a reputable local business's white glove service and relatability. The S&S Investigations & Security team has a long history of serving our fellow Texans, and we only employ guards that have passed extensive background checks and undergone rigorous training.

4. Advanced Security & Surveillance Tools

Consider the security company's technology and tools, ensuring they can access the latest technology features and components to protect your valuable business. Look for a security business that invests in technology and has a broad range of security solutions, such as AI-enabled searching, license plate recognition, motion sensors, and facial detection.

With the right partner, at the right price, using the best security and surveillance tool offerings to meet your needs, you can protect your Houston-area business like never before. Chat with our team at the bottom of your screen, or fill out this contact form to start a conversation about your needs.

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