What Do Security Guard Companies Do For Texans?

Wondering How to Protect Your Business 24/7/365? Here’s How.

If you’ve been looking for a way to protect your Pasadena-area business, then you’re likely researching the ins and outs of security guard companies, patrol services, and video surveillance systems that can help you do just that! 

It’s no small feat, and it can feel overwhelming trying to delegate such an essential aspect of your operations. That’s why enlisting the assistance of a professional security team is imperative. Do-it-yourself, piecemeal big-box store solutions aren’t cut out for commercial security and protection. They cannot compete with the enterprise-grade solutions that your Texas warehouse, construction site, or corporate office needs. Your best bet is to leave it to the experts at S&S Investigations & Security.

In our blog below, we dive into several things security guard companies like ours can do to protect businesses like yours. Keep reading to learn more!

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Security Guard Options

The Texas Department of Public Safety regulates private security licenses in the state, setting forth laws and regulations for hiring officers and running security businesses like ours. We provide Texas businesses access to non-commissioned (unarmed) and commissioned (armed) security officers who have undergone fingerprinting and FBI criminal background checks. Both types of officers must take continuing education courses to comply with Texas law, and armed officers also need to pass firearms proficiency training at the time of their initial licensing and when it’s time for recertification. 

A Comprehensive Security Plan

Security guard companies offer more than security officer protection. An in-depth view of your entire property, whether a construction site or a crowded event, is possible with a surveillance camera installation. These cameras are rapidly deployable and customizable to suit your unique company’s needs, regardless of the industry. Security officers can monitor live video feeds at a central security station and physically patrol your property so you have extensive protection. 

Advanced AI-enabled cameras are intelligent enough to recognize the difference between a loitering human and a dog sitting on the sidewalk; smart enough to detect quick motion (someone running) versus slow-moving activity (someone walking). Paired together, computer-based intelligence and human intelligence are the ultimate combination for comprehensive security and protection.

Your Pasadena Security Expert

Running a business is tough, but protecting it doesn’t need to be! Entrusting a professional security guard company should be at the top of your list of delegation items so that you can focus on your daily business operations.

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