Does Your Business Have Outdoor Security Cameras?

Protect Your Commercial Property in Texas with Updated Technologies

With all of the valuable work you do inside the walls of your Texas business, you may be overlooking an essential component of protecting your property, employees, and patrons. By adding outdoor business security cameras, you can add peace of mind to your company’s operations, no matter your industry.

Read along to discover four outdoor areas of your Houston-area property where you can add commercial security cameras. Better protection is right around the corner when you partner with S&S Investigations & Security—find out more below.

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1. Parking Lots & Garages

Retail spaces often have large parking lots and multi-story garages for customers and employees to park their vehicles during business hours. Unfortunately, these spaces can house nefarious activity outside operating hours, such as vandalism. In addition to appropriately lighting these spaces as a crime deterrent, outdoor business security cameras will provide around-the-clock protection and insight into what’s happening on your property 24/7/365. 

2. Critical Infrastructure

Cell towers, data servers, generators, and other critical infrastructure must be protected at all costs, so having outdoor security cameras is imperative. Add cameras to the perimeter and driveway so you always have an eye on what’s happening and receive mobile alerts whenever an issue arises. Motion detection, infrared vision, and facial recognition features inform business owners of what’s happening remotely, and your security team can tap into live surveillance feeds to assess the concern and respond accordingly by calling local law enforcement if needed.

3. Building Entries & Exits

You may wonder if adding security cameras is necessary if you only have one entry leading into a shared space, such as a lobby or receptionist’s desk. Aiming surveillance cameras toward the door will ensure you get a full facial shot of anyone entering your business; adding interior cameras to your lobby as guests walk out can capture footage on their departure. If any incidents arise, you’ll be able to review past footage to determine what happened, even if your staff member was busy handling the situation. The human eye often overlooks small details, but your security cameras will capture it all!

4. Equipment Yards & Loading Docks

You have valuable materials on-site, whether it’s a construction area or a shipping and receiving zone. Protect these investments with advanced surveillance cameras in your outdoor spaces. Owners and managers will receive notifications of vendor arrivals, delivery truck departures, and other actions with AI-enabled security systems that take note of time stamps, repeat visitors, and more! You’ll always be in the know with this essential security component addition.

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