Ways to Assess Your Need for Unarmed vs Armed Security

If you operate a company, you may have considered employing security guards to protect your employees and property. Have you made the decision of whether you need armed or unarmed guards? While the difference may seem to be apparent, many entrepreneurs are unclear about which option is best for their company.

While it may appear like armed guards are the preferable option because they give more security, this is not always the case. In truth, unarmed guards may provide more than adequate safety for many firms while remaining cost-effective. To assist clients in making this critical decision, we recommend assessing the severity of danger, present vulnerabilities, security goals, and budget.

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Armed Guards or Unarmed Guards: Which One Is for You?

Whatever method you choose, the first step is to review your business and security concerns thoroughly. If you don't have the time, skills, or workforce to do it yourself, a professional security company can help. A thorough assessment will help you figure out what level of protection you'll need and what services you'll need to address your weaknesses.

Unarmed Guards

Unarmed security guards are not allowed to carry firearms; however, they may have non-lethal weapons for defense. Pepper spray, batons, and tasers are examples of non-lethal weaponry.

Since they provide support without a firearm, unarmed guards are generally posted to retail shops and residential communities and provide a moderate- to medium-risk to businesses. They're good for preventing theft, vandalism, and responding to suspicious activity, among other things.

They are less threatening than armed guards because they do not carry a firearm and hence do not require liability insurance, but they still provide peace of mind to staff and customers.

Unarmed guards may be the best option for you in the following cases:

  • You operate in a relatively low-risk area, such as a religious establishment, park, community center, museum, shop, or grocery store.
  • You worry about keeping your staff, customers, and visitors safe while also avoiding intimidation.
  • You're on a tight budget, yet you still need security protection.
  • You can benefit from access control, customer service, mobile patrols, escorting staff after hours, and monitoring suspicious behavior and cars.

Armed Guards

Armed security officers are permitted to carry lethal weapons and must undergo specialized training to receive a license for this. Armed guards are often more expensive than unarmed guards due to these additional certifications.

Armed guards often serve customers who are at a higher risk of being attacked, such as banks or other businesses with significant assets, as well as enterprises in high-crime regions. The sight of a firearm on guard can make visitors feel uneasy or create the impression that your company is dangerous.

It would be best if you evaluated how an armed guard might appear to your employees, visitors, and the general public as a business owner. Armed guards may be the best option for your company in the following situations:

  • You deal with or transfer significant sums of money, valuable jewels and equipment, and other valuable items.
  • You organize well-attended events that attract large audiences, VIPs, and media attention.
  • You are aware of the additional costs of licensure and training, and you have the financial means to pay extra per hour for security.
  • Because you work in a high-crime area or operate during off-hours, you require extra security. 

Have You Already Decided? Choose the Right One for Your Business!

Choosing the appropriate level of security can be difficult. You can obtain a better sense of your needs by looking at the security threats that your company confronts.

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