Unarmed or Armed Security?

If you’ve determined that your business has a need for security service, such as on-site security guards, it’s time to decide whether your security will be armed or unarmed. Both have their benefits and drawbacks, so read the lists below to help you determine which one may be a better fit.


An armed security guard is always properly trained on how and when to use his or her firearm. This guard will also be licensed and have the authority to use their weapon if the need arises. Because of this, armed guards usually cost much more than an unarmed guard. They are wonderful choices if your security guard will be expected to watch over highly valuable items, like jewelry or artwork. However, armed security service may be unnecessary in a public area, as the risk of gunfire in a crowd is a dangerous one.


Unarmed security guards are oftentimes just as beneficial as armed ones, and they are typically a little less expensive to hire. They do not require the same licensing and training the armed guards require. S&S Investigations & Security Inc. ensures that all of our unarmed guards are properly trained and screened for your and your business’ safety, so these guards are a great option for public places like stores and concert venues.

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