5 Useful Tips to Protect Cars for Car Dealers in 2021

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Almost 800,000 vehicles were stolen in 2016. According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program, car theft has increased by just over 7 percent since 2015. They may be lower than 30 percent than in 2007, yet it remains a concern for many owners and auto dealers to protect their vehicles from theft. 

If you are worried about cars being stolen from your dealership, it's time for you to make necessary improvements before it's too late. To avoid any theft, you need safeguards in place. You don’t want to ruin your auto dealership’s reputation due to theft. These are some tips you can follow to increase dealership security. 

Install security cameras.

A lot of businesses use security cameras to catch thieves and monitor their business. You can use the footage when filing police reports or claiming insurance. The evidence will allow you to look for the culprit and protect the cars. Make sure that all the cameras are placed inside and outside your store. Their presence alone may just deter criminals.

Maintain proper lighting.

Proper lighting is important because it prevents thieves from hiding. Most thieves work in areas that have poor lighting because they can’t be seen. Make sure that the showroom and car lot are adequately lit at all times.

Store the keys and key fobs.

To avoid any stolen car, you need to keep the keys and key fobs in a secure location. Never keep the keys in the ignition, glove box, or ignition. Even if the cars are parked in the showroom, do not put the keys in it. You can store the keys in your office where there is a password, safe, and other security measures.

As for passwords: change them regularly. It's the same way with the locks. Change the locks when an employee leaves on bad terms. As much as you think nothing wrong can happen, it's better to be safe than sorry. 

Make it hard for thieves to tow your vehicle.

Whenever the lot attendant parks the cars, use e-brakes. Also, the tires should be turned sharply in one direction to make it harder for criminals to tow vehicles off the lot. Don’t forget to secure dealer plates, so it won’t be easy for your thief to get away. 

The dealer plates must be locked in a secure location, and there must be an activity log to monitor usage. You can also install a tracking device to help track stolen vehicles. Tires and rims are also targets of theft, so make sure there are wheel locks in place. 

Hire a security guard.

Hiring a security guard removes the worry because someone trained can monitor your business. It may cost a bit, but the rewards are fulfilling. If you can’t hire a security guard, you can turn on your security system to monitor the business after hours. 


Following these tips can allow you to protect your business and your client’s cars. Making sure the cars are safe gives your customers assurance that their vehicles are in good hands. It also ensures your business’s reputation. 

Encourage them to follow these tips and hire a professional. We can provide security guards for your business. S&S Investigations & Security, Inc has provided comprehensive, professional security services to South East Texas businesses and institutions for over two decades to a wide assortment of clients. Contact us today!

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