Tips to Keep Your Home Secure During the Holiday Season

If you have read our last blog, we were discussing how to protect your retail business from common threats this holiday season. As much as we like to protect your business and make sure things are running smoothly, we don’t want your home to fall by the wayside. Protecting your home from burglaries and other horrible occurrences is exponentially important during this time of year. Many families are away from the home more often than not, either travelling locally or taking vacations, which is when criminals are most likely to strike. At S&S Security Investigations and Security Inc., we want to make sure every aspect of your life is fully protected by either implementing our camera and alarm systems or security guards. The holidays are supposed to be a wonderful time of year spent with the ones you love. Don’t come back to an empty and broken into the home this year.

Here are Some Tips on How to Protect Your Home This Holiday Season

Don’t Let Presents Show from the Window

We know that having a Christmas tree in front of the window is a standard tradition in most homes. Another timely tradition is placing all your beautifully wrapped gifts underneath the tree well before Christmas. A rule of thumb is to make sure the gifts, and possibly even the tree are not visible from the outside of your Houston home. When potential burglars see your home with a marvellous tree and a pile of gifts under it, you are officially under their radar. Keeping the tree and gifts out of sight removes the target that could be potentially placed on your home.

Don’t Post Everything on Social Media

In the day and age where technology is dominating our social interactions, it is a natural reaction to post exciting and positive news on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and etc. Most of us are technology savvy, and that means criminals are as well. Burglaries are strategically planned more times than not. The perpetrator may scour your social media platforms to figure out what type of gifts will be in your home, or when you will be out of town. Be mindful when using social media this season, because the wrong eyes can see your post, and then you may be in trouble,

Be Careful When Decorating Your Home

You may want your home to glistening among the other homes on your street, make sure you do it in the proper manner. Many homeowners make the mistake of putting the lights on the outside of their home by running the wires from the inside. This is dangerous because this means there will be a wire coming through a window or even a crack through the door. This is a great way to give a burglar leeway into your home. Plugin the lights into an external socket if available.

Keep Lights On

Now, we aren’t saying run up your electric bill, but keeping a light in the home will make it appear that someone is present, which will deter a burglar away from your Houston home. One way to keep your home well lit and energy efficient are by installing some floodlights or a motion-activated outdoor lighting system. This will scare burglars away and keep your family safe.

Door to Door Charity

Similar to our last blog, it is good to be aware of people coming door to door who come to your home asking for goods, services, or even money. A great example is a scene from the classic movie Home Alone. A burglar posed as a police officer finds out things about Kevin’s family and their home, most importantly, that the family is going to France. You should never let a police officer into your home without proper clearance. Another instance may be individuals representing a certain charity collecting donations. Do your research before giving out any funds. We want to believe that everyone has a good heart, but sometimes you just can’t be so sure.

Install Security Cameras

One way to always know your family is safe is to install a home security system with cameras. The security system will usually have a startling alert when someone tries to enter the home forcefully, this will scare away the intruder. The camera will be able to catch who was attempting the act and should be caught much quicker by authorities. Being aware of everything that goes on in and around your home will keep you at ease this holiday season. At S&S Security Investigations & Security Inc., we always want to ensure that your family and Houston home is safe. Our alarm systems and cameras will be a great asset to secure your home during this time of year. Our staff is knowledgeable, professional, and will do what it takes to secure your home. Learn more about our security company and our alarm and camera systems, and contact us today!

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