3 Tips to Determine How Many Security Guards You Need

Deciding how many security guards you need can be challenging since you have to consider many safety risks and your current resources. You have to strike a balance between meeting your needs while staying within budget. That’s why taking the time to see the feasibility of your plans to hire guards is needed. If you want to make a well-informed decision about the number of guards you need, consider the following tips for your guidance:

- Consider the Common Threats Needed and How Numbers Play into Them

Your main goal is to know what common threats you and your team may encounter. It means you must access your location’s general protection guidelines against criminal activity and common safety issues in your industry and consider how much ground your hired officers have to protect. Once you consider all those factors, you can go for a number you think can work for your context.

Besides assessing threats, you should also consult with professional security officers trained to multitask and use technology as an extension of enforcing order and threat mitigation. For instance, you may think you need five professional security officers to provide services for your business. However, the security company may recommend three, and you can task one to utilize a high-end surveillance system. This way, you can maintain peace on your premises while having the right number of people for the job.

- Focus on Your Corporation’s Image When They See Your Implemented Safety and Service-Oriented Protocols

Hiring security guards is a means to showcase your dependability and service-focused image, especially as a corporation or business. Some clients or customers even voice out complaints or go elsewhere to seek your goods and services simply because you don’t have enough guards to handle the volume of individuals daily. Due to this, you should always focus on hired security as your representatives.

For example, let’s say you are running a theme park. You need to hire more than just one security guard to look after your customers and staff. If you don’t, you can expect your corporation to deal with lawsuits, customer complaints, employee safety concerns, and more.

As such, it would be wise to have as many guards hired as possible to prevent danger from happening. You can also screen customers, greet them, and provide assistance when needed. Also, seek professional assistance from your security company for further recommendations.

- Ensure You Have Enough Armed On-Site Security Guards to Look After Highly Valuable Equipment and Data

Even if you have security technology and anti-threat infrastructures to protect your valuable resources, they can fail, and knowledgeable criminals are trained to work around them. Your best precautionary measure against this is having the correct number of armed guards. They can address any possible security loopholes, are trained to pacify attacks, and are mentally prepared for anything. They can even work with local authorities to guarantee all your high-value merchandise are well-protected.


Knowing how many security guards to hire is one of the most important choices you can make to ensure safety and maintain order on your premises. Luckily, you now have the practical knowledge needed based on the tips mentioned above. You just need to have the proper protocols and equipment ready and consult with our professional security team. This way, you can be assured that everything is under control.

S&S Investigations & Security Inc. can provide you with the best on-site security guards for hire in Southeast Texas. We have over two decades of experience and have worked with various industries, allowing us to give you highly dependable security solutions. Work with us, and let’s see how many guards you need to keep the peace and order in your establishment.

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