Tips For Your Business To Stay Secure This Holiday Season

The holidays can be a wonderful time of year for your business. If you are in the retail sector, your sales should be booming more than ever. Many people love to adorn their loved ones with gifts from all over, with your retail business included. While this is a time for celebration and holiday spirit, it is also a time for mischief and mayhem. Unfortunately, during the holiday season, retail businesses are targeted for more crime than any other time of year. With the increased workload of your store, you may be more distracted by other customers, potentially allowing shoplifting, identity theft, and more to occur. At S&S Investigations & Security Inc., we want you to be completely protected this holiday season. Our team of professionals is here to help protect you, your customers, and your business, by any means necessary. We offer amazing security staff, hidden cameras, and cameras on site. Learn Multiple Ways You Can Protect Your Business This Season

Be Careful Hiring New Employees

Many businesses, especially within the retail sector, need additional help during the holiday season to compensate for the increase in sales and customers entering your store. You may desire to hire some additional and seasonal help. Don’t just hire anyone off the street. Just like with your other long-term employees, take time in the hiring process. Not everyone that comes through your door is going to have the same motivations as others. Completing a thorough background check and giving them a full interview process, will give you a good indication if they’re going to be the right fit for your business.

Install more Efficient Lighting

If you are a business that is separate from a mall or is in an outdoor strip, you should start to investigate if you can add more lighting to the outside of your store. One of the main reasons why you may want more advanced lighting is the days are shorter and it is dark for more hours of the day, giving criminals and burglars primetime opportunities to break into your business. Not only will better lighting deter criminals from entering your store, but it will also help your employees feel safe when they close up shop.

Be Weary of Charity

The holiday season is a great time for giving, and we encourage you to give to as many charities as possible after you complete your research. Many individuals and groups, will develop scams using the scenarios of giving funds to different types of charities. If you have anyone who asks for money for a good cause, do a background check on the charity. If they are not easily found or have a bad reputation, do not give them any of your or your business’s money. Be diligent and mindful during this time of year.

Install Security Cameras

If you don’t have cameras within and around your business already, you should invest in our camera systems right away. Security cameras throughout your Houston business are going to be a great security asset to your location. These cameras can be hidden or in plain sight to help detect shoplifting, identity theft, and internal theft. You can choose between systems that offer audio and video or just video. With the audio and video, you will be able to attain full evidence of any foul play that goes on within and outside of your business.

Increase Security Staff

Having cameras in a place for your business is a great step to increase your security for the busy holiday season. However, a step further would be expanding your security staff or implementing one altogether. Having security guards to protect you, your customers, and your store will make you feel at ease this season. Having security on site will help catch shoplifters and assist in those dangerous situations such as fights over products, or even robberies. This holiday season, remember S&S Investigations and Security Inc. in Houston. We want to make sure your business is running smoothly all throughout this time of year by giving you the best security guards and cameras in Texas. Learn more about all our

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