The Vital Function Of Campus Security In Preserving Diversity And Inclusion

Campus Security

Educational institutions are places where people learn about the world and about themselves. As a result, diversity, and inclusion on college campuses are critical. A campus must be a safe and welcoming place for all individuals, especially those with disabilities, Indigenous peoples, members of racialised, religious, and LGBTQ+ groups.

Campus security plays an important part in establishing an egalitarian, varied, and inclusive environment for students to pursue their interests. Campus security officers are the first line of defence for students who are subjected to harassment, racism, prejudice, and misogyny. Students must be able to believe that campus security understands their demands to feel safe.

Campuses will be hazardous for students, employees, instructors, and security guards unless diversity policies are properly implemented, forward-thinking diversity training, and inclusion training are provided.


1. The ideals of equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) must be instilled from the top down. This implies that any business hired to handle campus security must have specific regulations in place, as well as a defined code of ethics, to guarantee that EDI principles are promoted inside. The values of a company must match the ideals of the safe, contemporary, and varied world in which we wish to live.

2. Training on diversity and inclusion must be thorough, imaginative, and ongoing. To avoid repeating previous mistakes, we must always broaden our awareness of the environment we live in as it relates to EDI ideals. This training must impart knowledge of an anti-oppressive approach to campus security. In order to optimize the effect, all stakeholders from teachers,  to employees, etc. should participate in addition to campus security training.

3. Furthermore, any concerns made about campus security should be reviewed by an independent agency or office. To achieve fair and equitable outcomes and results, all situations must be objectively analyzed. It is critical to ensure that each individual is held accountable for their acts as well as to the set Code of Ethics. To ensure peace of mind to all staff and students, each complaint must be subjected to an expert external analysis.

4. Campus security is critical in creating a secure environment for students to study, professors to teach, and people to grow as individuals. This can only be accomplished by the strict and continual adoption of EDI Values via policy, training, and enforcement.

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