The Value of On-Site Security Guards

While this blog has previously explored some of the differences between unarmed and armed security guards, we still get plenty of questions about the value of having an unarmed security guard for local businesses in LaPorte. While high-risk industries often require the presence of an armed security guard, many small businesses can benefit from unarmed security guards being on the premises. And because we custom tailor every security package to fit the needs of each individual client, S&S Investigations and Security, Inc. has security solutions for every circumstance. To better understand how our unarmed on-site security guards provide value, let’s explore the capabilities of our security team.

24 Hour Security

One of the most important aspects of our security team is the ability to offer around-the-clock protection. Not only does the presence of a security guard during business hours reduce potential crimes, having an unarmed security guard available 24 hours a day helps prevent crimes that would occur when a business is closed. The most vulnerable time for any small business is after dark, and the additional security stationed at your LaPorte business will deter thieves and vandals. Our goal is to keep your business secure every hour of every day.

Daily Security Reports

In order to keep our LaPorte business owners in the loop, our security team files daily security reports, and copies of these reports are sent with each invoice. Plus, our security clients are able to provide specifications that our security team must address when designing the security detail for each client. Not only does this allow the exact needs of each client to be met, but it also allows our on-site security officers to accurately assess potential threats. This means every client can see exactly how S&S Investigations is handling security on a day-to-day basis to ensure every issue is handled.

911 Capabilities For Every Security Officer

The fact of the matter is nobody hires a security guard if there is no potential security threat, and in the event of an incident, our security officers are prepared. In addition to either meeting or exceeding every Texas state licensing requirement for a security officer, our unarmed guards receive extensive, ongoing training as well. Plus, every security guard is equipped with a Nextel™ radio with 911 capabilities which means every on-site security officer can have direct access to 911 services. By eliminating any potential waiting period for emergency personnel, S&S Investigations are able to better protect your LaPorte business, your property, and your patrons. With over 30 years of security experience, you can trust our unarmed security guards to provide the best possible on-site security for your LaPorte business. Our security division can personally visit your business to provide an accurate assessment of your security programs and determine if an unarmed security officer is right for your situation. Contact us online today to have unarmed guards posted at your location, or call S&S Investigations at 1 (866) 471-4342 for the best in LaPorte on-site security.

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