7 Retail Security Tips To Help You Prevent Theft And Contamination In Your Store

Retail Security Tips

The holiday season may be stressful for shops, but shopping mall administration and security teams can keep things under control by planning ahead of time and adhering to best practises in retail security and crowd management, especially in light of the pandemic.

Our retail security experts discuss seven essential techniques for keeping people and products secure. Retail managers may assist maintain a safe experience for customers and employees alike by providing additional training for front-line workers as well as putting policies and processes in place.

1) Limit the Quantity of Individuals in a Store at Any One Moment

Given the current circumstances, shops might consider having security guards stationed at their store entrances to enforce health and safety precautions and to avoid potential theft and crowding. Furthermore, guards will be able to greet customers and serve as customer service ambassadors, while your personnel will be able to attend to consumers' requirements in the store. Security guards may choose to utilize click counters to maintain a certain capacity, or they may wish to accept the cue from store management when workers believe they have reached their capacity. Thermal fever detection cameras may be appropriate for some retail venues.

2) Encourage Store Managers to Develop Displays with Anti-Theft in Mind

Display precious and little things with a high theft risk in a case or in an area that is closely watched and clearly observed by the checkout personnel. Items that are expensive or in great demand should not be exhibited near exits.

3) To Avoid Theft, Consider Using Floor Walkers

Fights, commotions, or loud disputes between couples can be arranged to distract store employees while a shoplifter steals products. To prevent distraction thefts, employ numerous retail security officers and workers to watch different sections of the business. Consider floor walkers to help reduce theft in general (loss prevention officers dressed in civil attire). Your team will be able to focus on serving customers while the police keeps quietly on the lookout with a floor walker.

4) Deploy Security Personnel at the Mall Entrance Three or Four Hours Before the Doors Open

Because of the excitement and eagerness to get Black Friday discounts, verbal and physical disputes often arise even before the shopping begins. Furthermore, the importance of enforcing social separation and other health measures becomes crucial. Security guards can keep rowdy people in control and allow specialists to intervene in a conflict so that it does not escalate and become dangerous for bystanders.

5) Ensure That the Business Name Appears on the Caller ID for Each Location

If a shop manager calls security and is dragged away from the phone, security personnel will quickly know which store they need to go to, owing to caller ID. Outgoing 911 calls should contain the mall's name on the caller ID.

6) Make Sure the Rear Doors of Stores Have Bells or Sirens

This is a modest intervention, but in many situations, simple remedies mean the difference between a crime and a crime avoided. Shoplifters can sneak inside store areas while personnel are highly busy and crowds are present. An unlawful entry might be signalled by a chime or buzzing alert. Staff property, such as handbags and wallets, should also be kept in a secure location.

7) Keep an Eye Out for Premeditated Thefts That Have Been Stockpiled

Placement of many high-value things in one location is a frequent tactic for large-value thefts, allowing the thief to run with all the targeted items at once. Instruct employees to remove things that appear to be stockpiled and restore them to their proper locations, and instruct retail security officers to keep an eye out for a shoplifter who returns to the area.

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