3 Signs Your Office Property Requires a Security Guard

Security is one of the most important concerns an office property owner should look after, so you may already have your own way of dealing with things. For instance, you may have installed a surveillance system in a secure room to monitor the premises. However, as the operations become more complex with new tenants, local regulations, and criminality, it may be necessary to hire security guards. To best determine if you really need them, consider the following factors:

- Organized Burglary Incidences

Attempted break-ins are often one-off incidents that may not happen again, especially if your office building is constructed with intruder-proof materials. What you do have to be mindful of are the organized kinds of burglary because it means either someone in your midst cannot be trusted or there is a security breach in your system that needs to be addressed. Both are immediate concerns that require a quick, effective answer to prevent recurring incidences.

The good news is hiring a security guard can mitigate organized burglary attempts. It provides 24/7 security against criminal activity. It also gives you an insider’s perspective on what the employees and building staff may be corroborating with fraudulent individuals as the guards report what they know based on gathered intel. They can even work with private investigators to ensure every security loophole is accounted for and all building patrons are safe and sound.

- Increased Theft Occurrences in Your Parking Lot

Parking lots are one of the most common blind spots in most office properties because they are often dark, far away from the main premises, and ideal for an easy getaway. All the criminal needs to do is break into a car, hotwire it, and drive away with a prized vehicle filled with important documents, electronics, and other valuables. Thus, if even only one parking lot incident happened, better security is a necessary investment.

One effective means to bolster parking lot security is to have a booth for security guards right at the entrance to check every incoming automobile for suspicious individuals. They can also collect necessary information, record all the parked vehicles for monitoring, and do rounds in the parking lot to monitor possible criminal activity. This way, you can prevent crime and be of service to valuable clients and co-workers.

- Lack of Client Services for Guests and Employees

Aside from enforcing safety protocols, security guards can also be an important part of your office building’s servicing crew, meaning they are there for the clients’ convenience and welfare during their stay at your office. Their services include accomplishing baggage checks, offering a warm welcome, checking temperature (for COVID-19 guidelines), ushering visitors, assisting persons with disabilities, and guiding vulnerable individuals during crises.

Commonly, unarmed security guards are the perfect fit for this task because they offer security yet don’t look intimating to office patrons. However, if you feel you need armed officers, consult with an experienced security company to discuss your needs and preferences to make the right informed decision.


Managing an office building is no easy feat, especially if it comes to security risks. Fortunately, you can rely on security professionals to handle your concerns. You just need to keep in mind the signs mentioned above if they apply to your context and find professional local security companies like ours for further assistance.

S&S Investigations & Security Inc can provide you with the best on-site security guards for hire in East Texas. With over two decades of experience giving security solutions, you can be assured we are prepared for any scenario. We can even offer you state-of-the-art surveillance systems and patrolling services to enhance your office building’s safety. Contact us today at 1 (844) 944-2696.

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