4 Myths about the Private Security Industry, Debunked

In the United States alone, there are over a million security professionals working every day to keep their surrounding areas safe. However, despite the large number of people working in this industry, there are still many myths about the field and the people who work in it. Many of these myths are damaging and hurtful, discrediting the hard work behind crime prevention and public safety.

With that being said, if you want to work with security services but are unsure of what’s fact and fiction, do not worry. We'll tackle as many myths about the private security industry and tell you exactly why they're false.

Myth 1. Security Officers Are Overly Aggressive

Many people assume that security officers are more aggressive than they should be. The reality is that most security officers are courteous and respectful. Although a small number of officers may be pretty aggressive, the vast majority is not. They act gently and treat others with care. Of course, when a situation does arise that requires them to be serious, they will act accordingly.

Myth 2. Security Firms Will Just About Hire Anyone

A common belief people commonly have about security firms is that they will hire anyone for the job. They believe that firms do not care about the person's background, qualifications, and such. Fortunately, this is not the case. Professional security firms are quite thorough with their hiring process, and they will ensure that only qualified individuals become security officers for everyone’s protection.

Myth 3. Security Offers Do Not Care About Their Job

A stereotype many people have about security officers is they do not care about their job. They are just there to make money, and they just sit around doing nothing but eat doughnuts. This is an unfortunate stereotype that is utterly false and quite disrespectful to security officers. Security professionals put their lives at risk daily to protect those around them. They care about their jobs a lot, and they care even more about keeping their surroundings safe.

Myth 4. Security Officers Do Nothing to Deter Crime

Many people seem to feel that, even with security officers around, crime still occurs. While having security officers definitely does prevent crime, it cannot prevent every single one. Security officers are trained to carry out arrests and detain criminals, and some are even armed trained for various crises.

Regardless, when a person with nefarious intent sees a security guard, they will second-guess their actions. Simply having a security officer in place makes an environment significantly safer, contrary to what people may believe.


All in all, professional security firms offer security officers that are well-trained for the job. These officers do their best to maintain a safe environment for us to be in, and they are not afraid to tackle danger face-first to promote public safety.

That said, if you are looking for security services, be sure to work with trustworthy security firms that provide comprehensive security solutions. Security should be taken seriously, and your safety is always the number one concern for any professional security officer!

S&S Investigations & Security provides comprehensive professional security services to businesses and various clients. If you need professional security services in Texas to protect your business, work with us today!

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