4 Tips to Help You Hire Security for Your Construction Site

Every workplace is vulnerable to threats from malicious third parties, but none more so than open construction sites. With expensive materials and equipment left out in the open, thieves and vandals perceive them as easy targets.

Construction site security should be one of your main priorities before you even break ground. While security cameras and in-house guards can get you through most evenings, the best way to protect your business assets is to hire professional security services. Having experienced patrol services looking over your construction site 24/7 will give you the peace of mind that you need.

Here are four valuable tips that will help you hire security for your construction site:

1) Do Your Due Diligence

Before anything else, do thorough research on the security services you can find in your area. Find out what services they offer and what properties they have experienced patrolling. Patrolling an open construction site is vastly different from keeping guard over a pet store or an office building.

You should choose a security company that has years of experience in the exact service that you need. Contact your shortlist of companies directly and talk to them about the services they’ve provided for their clients.

Don’t be swayed by the persuasive copy on their website. The person you speak to should be able to talk to you firsthand about how they can help keep your construction site safe. They should be able to relay their specific knowledge about construction terms and safety protocols. In your situation, general security knowledge shouldn’t be enough to gain your trust.

2) Contact References

Researching a security company includes looking up references. Look them up on social media and ask them about their experience. While reviews can be skewed in extreme directions, they will give you a general idea of the quality of service that a company offers.

Before you make your final decision, make sure you have done thorough research. You need to arm yourself with this information to make sure you are hiring the right company that will protect your business assets.

3) Set a Timeline

Ideally, you should hire your security company before you even break ground on your construction project. Your construction site requires 24/7 security every step of the way as your structure is being built. Make sure that they will not interfere with daily operations. If they need to install security features around the construction site, it’s best to do it before work begins.

Before signing a contract, iron out all these details with your security company. You need to be on the same page from beginning to end.

4) Check Their Training

Your security company will assign specific individuals to your site. Before they begin working for you, double-check their certifications and make sure they have the proper training necessary to do their job. Some basic requirements for construction site security are training for first aid and fire safety.


The best way to ensure that your construction site is secure 24/7 is to outsource on-site security services to a professional company. Before hiring anyone or signing any contract, you should make sure that the company is a good fit for you. They should have specific knowledge and training regarding construction site safety. Hiring the best security company will give you a good night’s sleep as your project is completed.

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