Do I Need to Hire Security for My Wedding?

The flowers, dresses, tuxes, and all the necessary items for your Houston wedding are lined up and ready to go. You’re ready for one of the biggest days of your life, but are you prepared for an emergency? Many people may see a wedding emergency as a child sobbing during the ceremony, but the reality is much worse.


Unfortunately, many weddings have fallen victim to theft in the past few years. Wedding crashers, or even event staff members, can sneak over the gift table and swipe your cards—many of which likely contain cash or gift cards. Receptions are an easy target for this sort of theft, as you and your guests will be too busy celebrating to notice anything or anyone strange.


There are several ways to prevent wedding theft like this:

  • Online registry – Gifts will be sent straight to your home. That way, no stranger can access your gifts and ruin your big day.
  • Careful gift table placement – If your gift table is right next to the head table and far away from an exit,that will make it more difficult for anyone to lift your gifts.
  • Hire Houston security service – A security guard placed at an exit with an eye on the gift table is a sure way to keep your presents safe. A guard will also be able to remove anyone from the premises who was not invited and is up to no good.

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A security service is a perfect way to make sure your big day is a joyous celebration and not one with major losses. The professionals at S&S Investigations & Security Inc. have security guards available for hire that can ensure the safety of you, your guests, and your gifts on your big day. Give us a call today!

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