Controlling Property Access: Steps to Protect Your Business Property

It's inevitable that when your business grows, you'll have more visitors and clients coming into your property. Although this can be a good sign that your revenue and business opportunities may soar through the roof, you shouldn't forget to keep your property secured.

When you're aware that your business is slowly expanding, it's the perfect time to implement a solid entry control system. This will guarantee that your property remains secure as your business expands every milestone your business hits.

A great way to elevate your property's security is by hiring security services to keep your property safe. Besides that, they can effectively implement property control and access to ensure that everyone inside the premises is accounted for and are protected. Ideally, you want to work with a trusted security company to ensure you're paired with the right security guard who can efficiently perform their task and duties on your property.

If you're looking for other ways to enhance your property's security, here are some steps you can follow to improve property access without compromising your business's operations:

1) Use Restrictive Keys

The most important thing about having keys in your property is to ensure that they are keys that cannot be duplicated. Besides, even if you mark it as 'Do Not Duplicate', some people won't follow the rules, especially when it falls with a disreputable person.

What you can do is to have restricted keys, and these keys can only be approved by a licensed locksmith that has a contract with the manufacturer.

2) Have a Log

When you're handing out keys, it's important to keep track of the people who have access in certain areas and have the following restricted keys. You can do this by having a log and identifying personnel who have access in authorized areas.

When you're creating a key log, ensure that you indicate the receiver, the key number, when it was handed out, and when the key was returned. Besides that, you can use this to track whether terminated employees have returned their keys, so they are denied access to your property.

3) Consider Upgrading to Codes

If you have the budget and want to up your security game, consider changing your traditional locks into codes. Even if you can only have them in some entries, there are loads of advantages you get from switching to coded doors.

The great thing about coded locks is that you can change your codes anytime to ensure that only the people who are granted access can enter. In some cases, coded locks are also connected to the alarm system, so you'll know when an unauthorized person is trying to enter.

4) Work with a Reliable Security Company

Sometimes locks, codes, and alarm systems aren't enough; you want to ensure that you have professional security services patrolling the premises.

When you pair your security devices with professional security services, you're immediately improving the way you protect your property. This way, when your alarm system goes off, your security guard can rush to the area and follow the standard protocols to ensure everyone's safety.

The Bottom Line: As Your Business Expands, Your Property Security Should Improve, Too

Nothing is more heartbreaking than seeing your hard work threatened by malicious and unreputable people. For this reason, whether you run a small business or a huge one, it's best to continuously upgrade your system as your company grows.

With that being said, you should work with a trusted security company, implement the right devices, and train your team to ensure maximum protection in your business's property.

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