Construction Site Security Best Practises

Construction sites are typically easy pickings for nefarious and unscrupulous persons. Theft is an ongoing hazard to every construction project, whether it is commercial or residential. You must be on the lookout 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for people attempting to illegally get materials, machinery, or other resources. As a result, construction sites require an advanced security system that acts as both a deterrent and a source of evidence in the event of a crime.

Every year, thefts on construction sites cost millions to billions on commercial and residential projects. These are some alarming numbers. Construction projects are already expensive, and losing money due to theft is the last thing a project manager wants. Project delays are often caused by missing materials, tools, and equipment.

As a result, building site security is a crucial cost-cutting measure. Every project requires a replacement for every missing or destroyed material or instrument, which adds time & expense to the process. The following blog discusses some of the best practices for making your building site safe.

Video Surveillance

Introducing video surveillance to a thorough mixed construction site security plan is the first step. Video surveillance cameras can provide a 3600 view of your site, 24/7 motion recording, and long-range thermal detection, among other things. When used in conjunction with the appropriate software, the cameras can yield advanced analytical data.

You can also have your video surveillance system monitored in real-time. On-duty workers can engage easily with suspects and call relevant authorities in real-time as a result of this.

Security Guards

Having on-site security officers is the best component of having a deterrent system against opportunistic criminals. ill-intentioned people have their own set of ways to manipulate technology. People, on the other hand, are more likely to second-guess their judgments and disguise their negative intentions when a security officer is guarding a property.

Furthermore, security guards may connect with the remote surveillance group in real-time, allowing them to better coordinate the situation and respond faster. The mere presence of security officers on the building site is enough to dissuade criminal activity.

Protecting the Interiors

Locks, fences, and lighting act as other important criminal deterrents in construction security. Locks should be used to secure gates, cars, equipment, and personnel quarters over the entire site.

Areas that would otherwise be dark should be illuminated with bright lights. For criminals and adventurers, dark locations are the greatest spot to hide.

Registering Equipment

You can record the serial number, number plate,  on every item on your building site. Everything should be properly registered, whether it's a small joist tool or a forklift. Knowing that there is a proper record for the tools will act as a deterrent. Looking for on-site security in East Texas? Connect with us!

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