Five Strategies For Boosting Office Security And Reducing Theft

Office Security

With the flurry of festive activities, opportunistic theft is increasingly prevalent, in both retail establishments and office buildings. Office security is especially crucial during the months of November and December, when commercial offices suffer an increase in daytime thefts.

Many of these thefts are done by skilled and confident criminals who may masquerade as service employees and pretend to be in your workplace for a legitimate cause. They are aware that the shoulder periods are before and after opening and closing hours, when there are considerably fewer workers on site, making these times ideal for theft. However, many of these crimes are avoidable.

Here are some tips for reducing theft at your office, especially during the holiday season.

1) Configure the Caller ID on Your Receiving Phone

Make sure the main reception phone's caller ID includes the firm name, floor number, and full location of the building. This is most likely the phone used to contact 9-1-1, site security, or property management. If a receptionist receives an emergency call and is unable to talk due to safety concerns, the caller ID will indicate who phoned and where to go to investigate.

2) Create a Code Word for Office Security

Tenants who are most vulnerable should develop a code word or phrase that, when uttered to site security or property management, signifies, "We need help here immediately!" This code should be inconspicuous

3) Identity Badges--A Must!

Ensure that all of your workers' names are prominently displayed on their identification badges. Furthermore, office visitors or clients should be issued guest identification badges. This is an excellent security feature that you may take advantage of. If an employee encounters a questionable individual, he or she should avoid confronting him or her, especially if they are alone. Employees should be given a code word or phrase to communicate the urgency.

4) Using Tenant Security Activity Scheduling

According to the (CPTED) activity scheduling principle, offices should only be unlocked when numerous guardians or workers are present to oversee and safeguard the entire space. When the office population begins to dwindle towards the end of the workday, the space should be closed and re-enabled for access. The tenants' floors and elevators servicing those levels should remain under access control until the tenant reception area is manned and a substantial number of witnesses are present to challenge, discourage, or report trespassers or criminals.

5) Security During Holiday Parties

Every year, we hear instances of employee goods being stolen at a company Christmas party. Hiring a temporary security guard to cover reception is one useful countermeasure. He or she should be brought in a couple of hours early so that he or she may be instructed on how to utilize the phone system, access control computer, and anything else that may be important.

In addition, install a guest list at reception, with the name and cell phone number of a manager who may allow entry for those who do not appear on the business guest list.

Finally, if you leave your office, even for a few minutes, make sure to secure your computer and keep your confidential documents unreachable of youngsters and intruders. Whether you are in or out of the workplace, make sure your office doors are locked.


Improved office security measures like these may make a significant impact in loss prevention throughout the holiday season. By adopting these steps, you may help avoid, or at the very least decrease, daytime theft in your commercial office building.

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