Mastering Security in Houston: How to Sidestep Pitfalls with Your Security Provider

A Professional Security Company Exceeds Expectations & Keeps You Safe

While businesses of all types can benefit significantly from partnering with a professional security company, not every provider is made equal. Luckily, with the S&S Investigations & Security team by your side, you have a premier team working around the clock to protect your commercial property with patrol services, security guards, video surveillance, and more! 

This blog article covers a few common pain points you may encounter if you work with a run-of-the-mill company. Take a look by scrolling below.

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Cost Prohibitive

Professional security services can be expensive, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses. The cost not only includes personnel fees but also includes the cost of advanced security technology, regular maintenance, and potential upgrades. Companies may struggle to balance their need for security with their budget constraints, but if you genuinely want to protect your business investments, patrons, and employees, this isn’t a budget line item you can strike.

A professional security company can actually help reduce costs for businesses in a few ways:

1. Security Assessment

Directing resources toward mitigating the most critical risks rather than spending on unnecessary measures can reduce your bottom line.

2. Advanced Technology

Software with advanced artificial technology capabilities and the latest software can remove the need for a large number of on-site security personnel.

3. Customizable Security Plans 

Instead of offering a standard one-size-fits-all security package, a professional security company creates a customized plan that matches your business's specific needs and budget.

4. Regular Maintenance and Upgrades

Periodic maintenance prevents costly repairs or replacements, while regular system updates prevent potential cyber threats that could lead to expensive breaches.

Communication Failures

There can often be a lack of clear, transparent, and timely communication if you work with an understaffed, underpaid, stretched-thin security company. This can lead to misunderstandings, missed expectations, or unaddressed vulnerabilities. 

At S&S Investigations & Security, we take pride in our stellar communication skills. Not only is it vital in emergency situations, but great communication streamlines incident reports and ensures the timely handling of concerns.

Poor Quality and Professionalism

The quality of services can vary significantly between security companies, but there’s no need to leave your building, construction site, or restaurant vulnerable to completely unavoidable issues. Poorly trained security personnel, lack of responsiveness to security breaches, inadequate follow-ups, and a lack of understanding of the unique needs of the business are no longer an issue with a professional security team on your side.

Enlist the Help of the Professionals

While you manage your business, let S&S Investigations & Security address your security concerns. Avoid common pitfalls and frustrations by working with a professional company like ours. Connect with us here to start a conversation.

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