Does Your Business Need a Security Trailer?

Discover an Affordable, Mobile Surveillance Solution for Your Commercial Needs

Not every company in the Pasadena, TX, area needs a fixed or long-term security solution, and that’s where security trailers shine as an affordable, mobile, and rapidly-deployable option for your needs. Whether you’re a foreman on a construction site or hosting an event at a crowded venue, protecting attendees and employees and reducing your liability are paramount in this day and age!

Read below to explore six different places and events that could benefit from deploying outdoor security trailers from S&S Investigations & Security.

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1. Construction Sites

If your commercial property is currently under construction from the ground up or simply undergoing remodeling, you’re left vulnerable to theft and vandalism. New people are consistently visiting the area, many not under your team's direct supervision, so how can you trust that these employees are trustworthy? Add peace of mind with an outdoor security trailer for monitoring the site and deterring criminal activities.

2. Festivals and Concerts

Large outdoor events such as festivals and music concerts attract a lot of people, making them potential targets for opportunistic crime. Rapidly deployable security trailers help you monitor the event and ensure the safety of attendees. Outfitted with AI, smart security cameras recognize nefarious actions, and notifications are sent to your security team for further investigation.

3. Parking Lots

Parking garages and open lots can be dangerous places, especially at night. By adding a security trailer, you have an affordable solution on-site 24/7/365. With live video monitoring capabilities and remote access, you can provide a safe environment for your patrons and their vehicles.

4. Sports Events

High school football events are huge in Texas, drawing larger crowds than many concerts and festivals in other states! Add multiple security trailers near entries, fieldhouses, parking lots, and concession stands to prevent crime and ensure the safety of participants and spectators.

5. Industrial Facilities

Industrial facilities such as oil rigs, manufacturing plants, and cell phone towers can be high-risk areas for accidents, security breaches, and even terroristic threats. A security trailer helps you monitor your site and respond quickly to incidents.

6. Remote Locations

Outdoor security trailers are particularly useful in remote locations such as local parks and wilderness areas. Because there may be limited access to law enforcement or emergency services, having a direct line to your property in times of trouble is imperative. Receive text alerts, emails, and phone calls if a perimeter is breached or an intruder is detected, then respond accordingly, either contacting local law enforcement yourself or visiting your property to check out the concern.

Security trailers ensure you can keep your site protected, even if you don’t want to spend a lot of money or need a quick solution. Connect with our team at the bottom of your screen, or fill out our contact form to schedule a security assessment today.

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