Business Security Camera System Features You May Not Know About

Find Out How You Can Protect Your Company From Worst-Case-Scenarios

Keeping up with the latest technological advancements in commercial security can be difficult when you’re busy running your business in Baytown, TX. By working with a professional team like S&S Investigations & Security, business owners and facility managers can protect their investments, customers, and employees with cutting-edge security measures.

This blog article will explore a few of the lesser-known features of business security camera systems beyond the more widely-known features we’ve written about in the past. Keep scrolling to learn more!

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Remote Access

Most modern business security camera systems allow remote access via smartphones, tablets, or a desktop dashboard interface. As long as you’re connected to the internet, you can check in on what’s happening on your property from anywhere in the world, at any time of day. This feature is useful for business owners who travel frequently or have multiple locations to manage.

Multiple Users

You won’t need to leave your business vulnerable to cyberhackers by sharing your credentials with other security or management team members. Every employee that needs access to the online dashboard will have an individual login with specified access rules. This means some employees can see all surveillance footage and have global user management access, while others can only see footage without being able to adjust any settings within the system.

Video Analytics

While your security camera system provides site-wide coverage of the goings-on of your company, advanced video analytics capabilities use artificial intelligence to detect and alert you to unusual behavior or events in your business. This is a must-have feature for the modern business.

These features include facial recognition, license plate recognition, people counting, object detection, and motion sensing. This technology can help you identify potential security threats and track customer behavior both inside and outside of your business. From construction sites to parking lots, you’re always in the know of what’s happening 24/7/365.

Cloud Storage

Many people are aware of the benefits of local storage for their business security camera system, but they may not know about the advantages of cloud storage. Cloud storage allows you to store your video footage remotely, making it less likely to be lost or stolen, especially in a smash-and-grab incident. 

Cloud storage offers more flexibility in terms of storage space, so you can easily scale up or down depending on your needs now and as your business evolves in the future. Cloud storage lets you easily share the footage with law enforcement in the event of a crime or incident, serving as valuable evidence in worst-case scenarios and other criminal activity.

If your company’s current security camera system doesn’t offer any of these features, or if you’re struggling to manage the safety of your employees and patrons, then it’s time to connect with our team here. We look forward to assisting you!

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